Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Challenge January 24th 2021

I loved seeing what everyone did for last week’s challenge. Isn’t great to take even just a few minutes to enjoy some time for yourself? I know I love it when I get a few moments of quiet at my house, but sometimes quiet is not what you need, sometimes you need something uplifting and fun, something to get your body moving. So this week I will challenge you to discover some new music. Something you have not heard before, maybe ask around see what others enjoy.

I find music to be one of those things that can change my entire mood, if I am upset I will blast certain songs, if work is hard I tune into something different, and then, of course, there is what I listen to when I workout. All of these different music types help to take my mood and make it better. Right now one of my favorite artists is Drake White, he puts so much soul into the music he makes you can’t help but enjoy it. Now of course if I am in a real mood I will fall back on my go-to growing up and throw on some Bon Jovi. Do you have a favorite go-to artist? Let me know who you love and who you have discovered this week, maybe one of your artists will become someone’s new favorite!

For those interested in checking out Drake White, head on over to his Facebook page and take a look at all the FB live performances he has put on this year while unable to perform at venues. There are over 40 weeks of Live Music you can check out! If you give it a try let me know what you think. 🙂

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