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Self-Care Challenge January 31st 2021

Third week and we are going strong starting to get into the habit of thinking about ourselves for a change. This week I want you to discover a new book. You can get a hard copy, an e-book, or even an audiobook, it just has to be something new. I know there are so many types of books to choose from, you could get an educational book, or a fictional novel, or even a biography, but what I want you to focus on is finding a book that is just for fun. Yes, I know you may have that stack of books about homesteading you want to get through (oh wait that may just be me……) but put that stack on hold and find one that is just for fun. Find a book that takes you away from the real world into a world with adventure, or magic, or mystery. Find that book that transports you elsewhere then try and carve out 10 min a day to read, maybe while you take that cup of coffee or tea alone.

I am currently re-reading the Outlander series of books, but for this challenge even I am going to put down my current novel and find something I have never read. Once I find my new book I will add it to this post and I hope that all of you will comment either here or on Facebook with what you have found!

If you are struggling to find a book to suit your needs you can always take a look at my booklist over at Any books you get through my shop not only helps to support independent bookstores but also you are helping to support me through their affiliate program. Click the link below to be taken to my shop!! Enjoy your time reading something new and exciting this week!!

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