Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Challenge February 7th 2021

How is everyone this week? Have you been able to spend some time on just you? Honestly, I have been so busy this last week that I didn’t get much time for myself. So this week I am going to challenge us all to get out (if the weather allows). It is time to take a walk, yes, I am aware it is winter, but there is still so much you can gain from being out in nature.

The key to this is to go when you have enough time to truly appreciate your walk. Don’t try and shove in the walk between errands or with 5 minutes left of daylight. Pick a day that you know you have a little more time. I like to get up early that way I can be back just in time for everyone to be waking up and wanting breakfast. You may decide to go mid-afternoon or even early evening. Just be sure you don’t have to rush.

While you are out on your walk, try to clear your mind. Yes I know this sounds like I want you to meditate, and I kind of do. I want this time to be clear of your worries, of your appointments, of your stress. Let it go! Leave it in the car on the passenger seat buckled in, it is not allowed to join you. Now take your walk, enjoy the trees, the animals even the cold you may feel. Breathe in the fresh air and just be. When you get back let me know how it felt, what did you see, or hear?

I am promising myself to get back into this routine. I had been doing a great job of getting up early a few days a week and taking a walk, sometimes alone, sometimes with the dog, but then life. You know what I mean the crazy unexpected things that occur that break your routine. Those are the things that make it so hard to get back on track. I am going to try for a walk at least twice this week, even though I have so much going on, even though it is cold and my bed is warm. I know that after a few days of doing this again the benefit will be worth the effort.

Share with me your walks here or over on Facebook where you can share pictures of your lovely walks!

I went for my walk yesterday. I was the only one at the park after about 20 min. It was great to just take in nature with no distractions. All the pictures shown in the post today were from yesterdays walk. I found some neat things I may have missed if I had the kids tagging along. Can’t wait to see how your walks go!!

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