Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Challenge February 21st 2021

Today I want to start off with sending my thoughts to those people who have been hit with horrible winter weather they were not prepared for. I have friends in some of the areas that were hit hard and are experiencing horrible power outages, so I hope we all can spend a moment to send them our thoughts and support.

Now back to the focus on ourselves. Today I want you to come up with a list of your favorite things to do for yourself. I would like you to think hard about what you enjoying doing, and what you may have not had time to do recently. My list includes things like crochet, learn to play guitar and just have a moment to read.

Next I want you to think of the times during the week that you may be able to squeeze in a few minutes for you. Ideally these moments will be free of kids (if you have them), or pressure to be somewhere. These should be moments that you can comfortably engage in any activity you want. Did you find some days and times? Good! Put them in your schedule as “time for me” and pick an activity. It can be read a book, call a friend or even my favorite activity take a nap. Once you have found your day this week hop over to my Facebook page and tell me what you are going to be doing this week. Your ideas might give someone else the inspiration to get started too.

I know I have been asking you to do a little work but think of it as creating a path to more consistent self care.

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