Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Challenge March 7th 2021

This week, as I was on Social Media, I started seeing posts stating that a year ago this was our last normal week/weekend. This made me think about how much so many of us have gone through this last year. Many of us have had our entire life set spinning, having to work from home with kids that had to do school online, being an essential worker that had to be and still is out in it the whole time, and some of us losing our jobs or businesses. We all have had different stresses this year, but we can all use this last year to change our focus.

Part of Self-Care is teaching yourself to focus on what you do have. This week I want us to take our Self-Care challenge as a Gratitude Challenge. We have talked about changing our mindset to be more positive, but with this being the week in which everything changed for many of us, I think it is time to remember what we do have.

This week I want you to look around you, in whatever situation you find yourself in, and make a list of what you are grateful for. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone but I bet if you take a good look at the year for all the negative things that happen you can find many things to be grateful for. I would love to hear what you have come up with, you can comment here or on my Facebook page. It is time to get our thoughts in the positive so tell me what are you grateful for?

My Gratitude List

  • I am grateful for:
    1. The health of my family
    2. The opportunity to see my husband more when he worked from home
    3. Job Security
    4. Chickens when food was running low
    5. Having eggs to provide for others
    6. My land which provides me with a place to raise and grow food
    7. Video calls so I could see my family that did not live locally
    8. Friends
    9. Books
    10. Netflix
    11. Land for the kids to play on

These are just some of the things I am grateful for. I look forward to seeing what you have to add!!!

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