Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday March 14th 2021

My favorite way for self-care is to spend some time without the kids. I spend all week with them and love it but by the weekend I am done answering questions or hearing about Minecraft. To ensure that I get some good adult time I go just about every Sunday to meet up with friends to get coffee. This is something we started before Covid hit. We of course had to take a break when things where shit down, but started back up as soon as we were able. We have been meeting outside to be sure that we had room and could feel comfortable getting back together. My husband comes as well and we spend a few kid free hours getting to have adult conversation.

This week my challenge for you is to find some time to get together with friends, if you have kids leave them at home. I know many people have still been avoiding going out and there are still restrictions in areas, but get creative! Sometimes the best form of self-care is seeing and being with your friends. Following guidelines in your area, you can find ways to meet up safely, perhaps an outdoor park, or sitting distanced outside of a coffee shop. If you are nervous about seeing people in person set up a video call. Please know I am not urging any of you to do things outside of your comfort zone, but I also know that so many of us have been isolated, we may have forgotten to find a way to connect with our friends.

Stop by here or on Facebook and let me know if you were able to connect with friends this week!

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