How to become the Crazy Chicken Lady (Person)

We have all heard of the crazy cat lady, you know that one that has 50 cats. Well today I am giving you the opportunity to learn how to become the Crazy Chicken Lady, or Man if you want. For the price of nothing I will outline for you the best way to be known to your family and friends as the Crazy Chicken Person.

Step 1: This is the most important step. Get some chickens!

Step 2: Start telling everyone about how you have chickens, how cute they are, what their names are, how they love to peck.

Step 3: Post pictures of them all over social media, to the point people wonder if when you said you had kids, you maybe didn’t mean human ones.

Step 4: Go to the store “accidently” come home with more baby chicks.

Step 5: Feed the chickens better then you feed yourself.

Step 6: Act like you won the lottery the day you get your first egg

Step 7: Start researching other breeds of chicken that will give you even more eggs of a variety of colors, “accidently” order them.

Step 8: Get chicken themed gifts.

Step 9: Hatch more chicks that you say you are going to sell then keep them all because….well just look at those little cuties!

Step 10: Talk to your chickens whenever you are near them. Examples of such a conversation may include saying the following: “Hi friend I need you to move so we can get the eggs.” or maybe “Silly bird why are you staring at me?” or even “Chickens should not be getting in the car come on now get out.”

Step 11: Start a Blog and tell people how to become the Crazy Chicken Person.

I hope you can follow these simple steps so you to can become a Crazy Chicken Person and realize the joy chickens bring.

**Please note if you really want to get started with chickens you may refer back to my other posts about how to get started. Most places allow you to have chickens but don’t forget to check the laws in the area you live. If you can’t have chickens you may as well stick around to get your fill of them here and on my Facebook page 🙂

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