Self-Care Sunday April 11th

Welcome back to Self-Care Sunday. I hope everyone has been well and was not missing me too much. I took the last few weeks off from the blog to try and get some things in order. I would love to say that I got everything accomplished I set out to do but, I don’t think I should lie.

Taking the kids out to explore places keeps me really busy.

Part of taking time away from the blog was to allow myself extra time to rest. I have been so busy the last few months, I have forgotten to slow down enough to get the full benefit of self-care. Although I do spend some time doing the things we have been chatting about, I will sometimes get wrapped up in everything I have going on and forget to slow down for more than just a few minutes. This week we are going to talk about why sometimes it is important to just put a few things on the back burner and let them sit.

Getting ready to learn a new skill also requires time.

We all have been busy lately, whether it be helping kids with school, working on the homestead, or just going to work. Juggling all your activities can be hard. Sometimes you need to give yourself the OK to not worry about things for more than just one hour. I love working on my blog, but I also realized that I was not spending enough time relaxing after my long days. So for me, I cut the blog out of my schedule for one week. This allowed me not to worry about checking what content I was working on or feeling the pressure to finish that last post before Thursday. Even though no one is making me work on my blog and post by a certain day and time, I know that as people begin to read it more they will be looking for those updates. That internal pressure made it impossible for me to truly just cut off, so I took a week off. Do you have anything in your life that you can do the same with? This week I want you to find something you can put on Pause for a week. This should be something that you give yourself pressure on but maybe isn’t vital. What are you going to take a break from to get more rest?

Enjoy making more time for yourself!

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