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Self-Care Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Snow Day Edition

Have you heard? Or maybe you are in the thick of it right now, but we are getting SNOW! For some of my friends that stop by snow may not be a big deal. You probably live somewhere that has snow every year, or you are like me and grew up with it but now live somewhere much warmer (I admit I moved to warmer climates because I hate to shovel.) However here in NC specifically the non-mountain regions, snow is not something we get every year. In fact, it is such a big deal when they forecast more than a half-inch of snow everyone must immediately run to the store and buy all the milk and bread. Why milk and bread? I have no idea.

Now how does this snow day affect your self-care? Simple, if you are like me and live in a state where a flurry shuts down everything you may not get a chance to get out and do what you wanted to for yourself this weekend. I know we had to rearrange plans so that we still got to spend time with friends which is an important part of my self-care each week. You may be having to spend the entire time at home, with the kids, as they have video game day, which involves screaming and loud sounds emitting from the television. What are you to do?

Well here is my plan for my Snow Day. First I am going to try and get some much-needed work around the house done (I know not relaxing), which will then be followed up by some time to read. I am way behind in my reading so I will be locking the door and hiding from the sounds of video games so I can read for a bit. I may even take a much-needed nap. The nice thing about a snow day for me is not the snow, it is the fact that suddenly I don’t have to be anywhere. I don’t need to run any extra errands because driving there may be dangerous, or the stores may be closed. Instead, I slow down and just relax.

I hope that you also take a moment this weekend to just stop and relax, in fact, if you don’t have a snow day take one anyway. If anyone asks just say you are taking a snow day like your friends in NC. Tell me what you like to do if the weather is bad and you are stuck at home.

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