Self-Care Sunday, April 17th, 2022

Last weekend started early for me, on Thursday! My husband and I took some much-needed time for ourselves by going to see one of our favorite bands, Drake White and the Big Fire. We love going to see them when we can, their concerts are something truly special, especially since the fact that Drake is performing at all is a miracle. In August of 2019, he suffered from an AVM (read more about his AVM here or head here to listen to his TED Talk) which almost killed him, and did leave him having to learn how to walk again. Listening to his story and his positive attitude can only lift you up and make you feel great.

Never heard of Drake White? Here was my favorite part of the show!

After this, we both had Friday off, with a great surprise as our niece and nephew showed up. We hadn’t seen our nephew in 2 years so we took them and our boys out all day, everyone got along and had a wonderful time. It was such a nice relaxing family day, no one was stressed about having to be at work, or having to get school accomplished the perfect start to the rest of the weekend.

Today, as you are reading this I want you to take out your planner, open that calendar app, or check the schedule on the fridge and see where there is time, any time. Can you carve out 20min a few times this week to just do for you? Maybe you can only find one day but there is a whole free hour. Find that time now and add it to your schedule in Big Letters: ME TIME! Schedule it now so you can see it and not add other plans, and DO NOT cancel on yourself. You are the one person you should never cancel on.

After you have found your day and time come back here and comment below. Then decided on what you want to do. Read? Take a bath? Go out for a drink? Put this on your calendar as well, then come here and tell us about it. Everyone that posts about what their me-time looks like will get a check-in on Saturday in the comments to see if you truly had your me-time. I will post what I plan to do as well that way we all can be ready for the upcoming weekend!

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