Are We Making Soap?

Some of you may have heard me tease some of the new products we are thinking about adding to the line-up. These ranged from more bath bombs with super fun shapes to the possibility of soap!

But are we making soap? The short answer is yes, the long answer is it is on the to-do list. I found and started following a very impressive soap maker on Instagram and decided that this is the kind of soap I want to make. This soap is something that I believe will add something fun and necessary to the products I already have. I love this style of soap because it allows me to be really creative in a way that makes the product not just something functional but also something fun to look at.

Amazing Soaps from Instagram!

Soap however is on the to-do list. Unlike creating bath bombs there is a much greater learning curve with soap. I have had to begin by researching terms like saponification (in layman’s terms the process that must occur to give your soap.) Then I had to compare the processes between cold and hot process soaps. Which will be best for me and the designs I want to create? I also had to research materials, like lye, what is it and how dangerous is it really to work with? Find the supplies like the correct containers and molds, plus the right safety gear so that when I soap I am being as safe as possible. Lastly a recipe. How do I make one up, what are terms like superfat, and how do I know I am doing this right?

As you can see soap making is a whole different ball field from bath bombs and those took a lot of learning about as well. My current plan is to delve into the field of cold-process soap making, which means I have to come up with a recipe or two to try, make the batches, cut them, and let them cure (4-6wks) before I can even see if the results are worthy enough to add to the line-up. Then I have to learn how to make cool designs in the soap similar to what you see from these other soapers but unique enough to not be a copy.

Therefore soap is for sure on the list but it may not be until spring or even summer before you see our first bar. This will all depend on how well I can figure out the steps and process while also keeping up with the rest of the business, homeschooling, and homesteading (don’t worry my plate is not too full.)

Tell me below if I can make it happen what kind of themed soap would you like to see? Do you have a scent in mind? Shapes, colors, or even ones made for men? Send me your ideas they will help me when I brainstorm and you never know you could see your suggestion come to life!

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