Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday, Jan 15th, 2023

Self-Care Sunday 2023 is going to look a bit different. In the past I have spent time creating posts that help you to think of things that could be considered self-care, coming up with ideas and suggestions about how to work these ideas into your week. This year however we are approaching self-care Sunday with a fresh new look. Sundays will still be here for your self-care needs, but there will only be a blog post once a month, the other Sundays I will be taking you along with me on hikes, or showing you parts of my daily routine, maybe even a sneak peek at a good book. I want my experience trying to give myself more me time to be reflected in all that I am showing you, so to do that I have taken the pressure off to produce some blog post every week. Instead, I am going to invite you along on different things I am up to that are for me.

This week I spent time hanging with a few friends, drinking coffee, chatting, and making soil blocks. We headed over to a local community garden and helped them to make soil blocks for them to use when planting those first few crops that you want to start for the spring. I love the setup at this garden, they have a great space and tons of people that came out to support and help get things done. It was a fun way to help give back and get to hang out with friends.

What else have I been up to in terms of self-care? Well, first my daily walk with the puppy helps, it gives me time to just be with myself, listen to a podcast, or just listen to the birds and other wildlife we come across. I am not going to the gym currently so the walks also get me in some form of workout for the day that is better than running around at work and hoping it is enough. The other thing that I have been doing is being sure to spend quality time on the weekends with my husband. We spend all week on opposite schedules so on the weekends we like to do as much together as possible and I enjoy making us meals that we will love. Our kids can be super picky so all week my husband makes meals that they will enjoy and on the weekends I make things that they may not want to eat but we have been wanting to try. This week alone I have made burgers, gnocchi, and ravioli.

What have you done this week? This month? Or even just today to be sure you have given yourself some time for you? Comment below or post a picture in Instagram and tag us!

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