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5 Things This Puppy Taught Me

Some Puppies Really Have All the Energy

I have had a few dogs in my years and have trained even more, but I have yet to own a dog with the energy this pup seems to have. We have to make sure she gets tons of exercise or she can be a bit of a brat. Our original routine was to walk a few miles up to 4 and then spend some time at the dog park. Right now since she is in heat we have increased the distance of walking to 5 miles.

She Knows How to Communicate

All dogs learn how to communicate with their owners over time. Most make cute little eyes to help get you to give them treats or will whine at the door. This is not always a behavior they pick up on when they are very young, but our puppy started immediately. We got her at 7 weeks and she was doing this within a few weeks. It is great but also annoying because she will also bark just because she wants to take a stroll up the driveway.

Dogs in Heat are Weird

We have never had a dog that has gone into heat, but per the newer recommendations, she is to have one heat cycle before we spay her. Seems easy enough, but it has come with a list of strange behaviors that send me into what is wrong with the dog mode. She spent a good two weeks being even more scared of things, tucking her tail and wanting to leave the park at the slightest loud sound. Now we are at the part of the cycle where she wants to go out all the time, like every 5 minutes, literally. She wants to pull more, and her appetite has gone down. All of these are signs of being in heat, but for me, many of them make me worried that something else is wrong.

Sticks are the Devil

All dogs like to chew on things, pick up sticks and chomp away. My last dog loved to carry sticks twice her size through the woods, but this puppy seems to think that all sticks are horrible things that need to be punished for existing. She will grab every stick we pass and fight it to the death, then move on to the next. All size sticks are guilty of being the devil, some even while still attached to the tree they belong to.

My House Would Feel Empty

We got this puppy just a few months after we had to put our last dog to sleep. We didn’t intend to get another dog right away. We had said we were going to wait, but you could feel the emptiness in the house. The kids felt more alone when they were home, and it just seemed wrong. Yes, this puppy has changed our entire routine and thrown the day into chaos but without her, the house felt empty. My children have never grown up without a dog, I had one my whole life except those few years in college when I was in a dorm. We had no choice but to get one and I would never trade in my strange weird different puppy although I do wish she would get tired after a long walk.

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