Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you use to make your bath bombs?

    All of our ingredients are listed under each item but our base recipe includes baking soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, cream of tartar, shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, polysorbate 80, fragrance, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel, skin-safe mica colorant and/or lakes or dyes.

    Are your bath bombs skin safe?

    While we can not speak for each individual person’s experience, we try our best to use high-quality ingredients. We have removed the use of SLSA in our bath bombs as we did not love the label on it. If you are not sure that you or your child will react we recommend trying a small bag of our bath bomb dust, there is not as much product in there and you can just use a small amount to see if you react.

    Will your bath bombs stain the tub?

    There is always a chance that any bath bomb with colorant can stain the tub however we recommend the following things that could help:

    1. Make sure your tub is clean, any residue can catch the color and cause it to stain.
    2. Make sure you run a bath as hot as possible it will help spread and dilute the colorants.
    3. The more water in the bath the better.
    4. Try and clean immediately after the bath if that is not an option then you can try something a few options: baking soda and hot water scrub, a pumice stone, or a less abrasive cleaner for tubs that are made with enamel or other more fragile materials.
    How do you use your Paint Your Own Kit?

    • When you get one of our kits you will need to purchase isopropyl alcohol (91% is best) to add to the mica colorant that came with your kit.
    • Using your shrink wrap opening tool open your bath bomb carefully.
    • Add the alcohol to the mica in small amounts until it is the consistency that you want. You want to try and make the paint fairly thin so that it is easy to use. If it is too thin however your color won’t take as well.
    • After you have mixed your colors use the provided brush to paint with, you may even want a small cup of alcohol to rinse your brush in. Remember water is not your friend when it comes to bath bombs.
    • You can let your paint dry for an hour or overnight or use your bath bomb right away.
    Are your products All Natural?

    We try our very best to use as many natural ingredients as possible. Our bath bombs do have colorants made from either micas, lake, or dyes so please read the labels or ask. Some of our products do contain fragrance oils so if you have concerns about those also ask. Our scrubs have a mild preservative called optiphan that is paraben and formaldehyde free. As always please ask more about our ingredients if necessary.

    Do you ship?

    Yup, we sure do! If you are not sure please contact us.