Self Care Sunday

Do you ever feel like you have just been running around without a break? Maybe you are a homeschooling working parent like me, or perhaps your world has been turned upside down by online schooling and a pandemic. Maybe you are just the type of person who is just always busy doing things for Everyone! If you fall into any of these categories or maybe one I haven’t mentioned then Self Care Sunday is for you. This is a place for me to challenge you to put yourself first, even if for just 10min. I will challenge you to do something for you each week so that you can begin to allow yourself the freedom to take time for you. Self Care is about making sure that you are ready to handle all those crazy moments you week gives you, it is about making sure that if you don’t put yourself first sometimes then you can’t accomplish all the things that you run around doing. Check back each week for what I will challenge you to do and remember you can’t fail this challenge you can only gain some peace into your daily crazy!

Self-Care is about giving the world the Best of you, instead of what’s Left of you.

-Katie Reed